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Tips for a Shopper While Using Kroger Digital Coupons

Using Kroger digital coupon is much simple and a proper way to enable you to save much on the grocery purchase as well as earn points. Here, you will get the explanation on how you will combine the digital and paper coupons to save much money. A Kroger digital coupon will have to link to your Kroger plus card which enables you to earn bonus items with the purchases. Saving money while shopping is such a good experience and hence, you need to start using Kroger digital coupon. Have a look at the things to know about Kroger digital coupon as s shopper.

The first step for you to do is to sign up for this Kroger digital coupon. Online signing up is what is required so that you are able to link the coupon with your Kroger plus card. After signing up, it is now the time for you to clip the Kroger digital coupon where you will be able to sort and filter them on the Kroger app or actually on the website. When you are lucky to get the offer that you want, just click and add it to your card. There is a “more” button which you click to know more about the offer.

Kroger digital coupon works for groceries as well as fuel. Mostly, the reward points you get them automatically. Using Kroger digital coupon is advantageous for you since not requirements of a smartphone. You might use your computer or tablet for clipping. Saving on the grocery here is made simpler since there is no need for you to spend on your smartphone. You can just visit the Kroger website and everything will be fine for you to enjoy.

On the same purchase, you are allowed to use the digital and paper coupons but not allowed to double them up. A single item purchase does not allow for the use of all of the coupons. But buying multiple items is when you will be allowed to use both provided that you meet the purchase requirements set. At any time, you are allowed to load up to 150 digital coupons on the app and to remove some to make room for other ones is encouraged. You cannot double the Kroger digital coupon when using them, unlike the paper coupons.

It is important for you to decide the type of coupon to use so as to avoid some inconveniences. A decline or limitation on the offer will be made by the store manager provided that there is any suspect. Kroger will send to you some surveys that enable you to earn fuel points. Filling this survey is important since you get points without necessarily making any purchase and these surveys are very simple for you.

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