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How To Select The Best Amplifier (Amp) Attenuator

Among the ways of taming a powerful tube amplifier is using an output attenuator, which has been in existence for a long period. Between the extension speaker cabinet or speaker and the guitar amplifier is where you will find the attenuator. In recent times, most of the amplifiers are fitted with in-built attenuators for convenience purposes. However, there are models that do not have this feature. The function of an attenuator is to enable you to drive your tube amp harder without experiencing a volume rise The device does so by making the speaker to get bamboozled since hey replicate your speaker’s ohm load.

Different elements are housed by different attenuators, but all of them are either reactive or resistive. The elements reduce the level of amplifier output power passing on to the speaker by soaking it up. The elements will make a reduction depending on the increments you will select with the use of notched switches or rotary dials. Attenuators are popular because of their ability to move the potential of level-clamping further. Majority of amp attenuators have a coil that changes excess wattage into heat, hence reducing the wattage.

The reduced wattage portion that is not converted into heat will be transferred to the speaker to produce sounds levels that will allow converstaion. You will need to connect a speaker cable from the speaker output of your amp to the input of the attenuator if you want to use an amp attenuator. Another speaker cable should then be connected from the attenuator’s output to the input jack of your speaker cabinet. Doing these connections will allow you to adjust the output volume of the attenuator while maintaining the amp’s volume to your preferred level, thus controlling the volume coming from the amplifier.

Using an attenuator has many advantages. Allowing you to get the best tone from your amp is one of the reasons. Driving a tube amp harder will make it to produce better sounds. Cranking up your amplifier without dealing with the associated rise in volume will be possible with an amp attenuator. You will get the desired tone without annoying neighbors with high volumes if you live close to people.

Selecting the right amp attenuator may be hard for you. Here are tips that will help you buy the best product. You should consider the type of attenuator you want; this is one of the guides. You will be required to look at the features of both types and select the one that will suit your needs. You should ensure you find an attenuator with an impedance rating that matches that of your amp. You should consider the power output rating of the attenuator before you purchase it.

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